Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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Now that you have finished installing the i2b2 cells and clients the next step is to setup your projects and users in the i2b2 Administration Module. This chapter will contain various sections on how to save data and parameters for the hive, projects and users. There is also a section on the different Authentication Methods supported by the i2b2.

Chapter 14. Table of Contents
6.1 Prerequisites
6.2 Chapter Overview
6.3 Managing i2b2 Hive Data
6.4 Managing i2b2 Cells
6.5 Managing i2b2 Users
6.5a i2b2 Webclient User Registration (new in 1.7.13)
6.6 Managing i2b2 Projects
6.7 Authentication in i2b2
6.8 Optional Parameters
6.9 Next Steps