Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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The i2b2 hive is comprised of a collection of cells representing unique functional units. The management of the cells is done in the i2b2 Administration Module within Manage Cells. The following functions for managing the cells are available.

  1. Add, edit, and delete cell(s)
  2. Add, edit, and delete cell parameter(s)

The steps on how to use these features are defined in one of the sections that follow.


The core i2b2 cells were installed earlier in this installation guide. Within each cell installation chapter was a section on Updating Cell Data in i2b2 Admin. If you chose to skip this step then you will need to update the Cell URL for the core cells you installed. The URL has to be updated with the location of the cell in your environment. You will not be able to log into the i2b2 Web Client or Workbench until this is done.

Rather than go back to each chapter to update the core cells you can go to the section in this chapter titled Edit Existing Cell.