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  • In standard configurations, only the Data Repository, Ontology, and Workplace need db-lookup entries for each project.
  • Do NOT put a leading backslash in the project path when setting up Ontology and Workplace.
  • The DB-lookup can also be edited directly in the database, in the Hive's (cell)_db_lookup tables.

Each i2b2 cell has a DB_LOOKUP table that defines the Wildfly XML datasource name for each project. The admin tool allows these to be edited:

  • Expand Manage Cells in the Navigation Tree on the left of the page. Then select the cell to expand further, once this is done you will see DB-Lookup as an option. Clicking on DB-Lookup will display the DBLookup List page. This page will display all the values in a table format.


  • To add a new entry into the DB_LOOKUP table simply click on the Add New DBLookup button that appears above the table of existing values. The page will be updated to a form with fields to capture the information to be stored in the DB_LOOKUP table.


  • To edit an existing entry, click on its Name located in the Navigation Tree on the left. The page will be updated to show the values currently filed in the DB_LOOKUP table. Make any changes and click on Save to save your edits.


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