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Steps to add a user to a project in i2b2

The following steps outline the process of adding a user to a project in the i2b2 Administration Module.

1. In the Navigation panel, expand Manage Projects to display a list of projects.

2. Expand the name of the project you want to add a user to.
3. Click on the Users option that displays under the project's name.
4. The Project Users page will display on the right side of the window pane.

5. Click on Add User to Project. The Add Project User page will display.

6. Enter the name of the user you want to add to the project.


The User Name entered on this page is equivalent to the User Name in Manage Users.

7. Click on Add User to Project to add the user to the project.
8. The Project Users page will display.
9. In the Navigation panel click on Users to refresh the hierarchical tree and display the user you added to the project.