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Steps to Edit a Cell Parameter

The following steps outline the process of editing a cell parameter in the i2b2 Administration Module.

Assumption: The following steps assume you are already logged into the i2b2 Administration Module. If you do not know how to login please see the chapter titled i2b2 Administration Module Install.

1. In the Navigation panel, expand Manage Cells to display a list of cells.

2. Expand the name of the cell that has the parameter you want to edit.
3. Expand the Params option that displays under the cell's name.
4. A list of parameters entered for that cell will display under its name in the Navigation panel.
5. In the Navigation panel, click on the name of the parameter you want to edit.
6. The Edit Parameter page will display on the right.
7. Make the changes to the parameter and click on Save to save the changes.