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  • [CORE-378] - Find Terms should display partial results when maximum is exceeded
  • [CORE-377] - Admin interface
  • [CORE-352] - Show hierarchy in Find Terms
  • [CORE-348] - Improve build process, auto-build entire WAR file
  • [CORE-347] - Refactor to remove XML config files
  • [CORE-346] - OKTA
  • [CORE-345] - Replace old Spring Libraries
  • [CORE-344] - Support for NTLM2
  • [CORE-345] - Replace old Spring Libraries
  • [CORE-343] - Replace old Spring Libraries
  • [CORE-345] - Provide totalnum counting scripts
  • [CORE-341] - Add a findByName filter for results inside other results
  • [COREWEBCLIENT-338] - Add ACT ontology to i2b2 data load310] - Mauro Bucalo contribution: totalnum in find, improved date filters
  • [WEBCLIENT-309] - Find Terms should display partial results when maximum is exceeded
  • [WEBCLIENT-308] - UNC Contribution: Configurable extended lab result flags
  • [WEBCLIENT-306] - Beth Israel contribution: commas in counts, query option infrastructure
  • [WEBCLIENT-299] - Fully spell out words in tabs
  • [WEBCLIENT-298] - open web issue management for i2b2
  • [WEBCLIENT-287] - Improved term info panel
  • [WEBCLIENT-285] - New webclient documentation
  • [WEBCLIENT-282] - Improve find terms view
  • [WEBCLIENT-281] - Left side panels tabbed instead of stacked
  • [WEBCLIENT-279] - Query status window resize to show graphs
  • [WEBCLIENT-174] - Previous query run as a query-in-query containing unsupported concepts does not draw the timeline
  • [WEBCLIENT-104] - Add Print functionality to i2b2 web client help files

Bug Fixes

  • [CORE-278] - GetPDOFromInputList_requestType Fails on Postgresql
  • [CORE-307] - Fix internal key expiration date assigned when changing password
  • [CORE-308] - Full Request XML message is stored in the QT_PDO_QUERY_MASTER table
  • [CORE-313] - CRC-PDO: AverageObservationPageMethod doesnt work
  • [CORE-315] - Idenitified Data Plan- Demo_Oracle- Ontology term with No Protected access- is not visible if User role not Protected
  • [CORE-331] - GetCodeInfo- not finding codes with an '_'
  • [WEBCLIENT-231] - Able to set Date constraint on previous queries/ptset as concept
  • [WEBCLIENT-247] - bad image filename
  • [WEBCLIENT-248] - previousqueries panel-date option-'>' button not dispalying records after the specific date- same with '<' buttton
  • [WEBCLIENT-249] - previous queries panel- date option- datetime stamp not consistent with previous queries date stamp
  • [WEBCLIENT-252] - Ontology Options for Finding Terms- hidden Terms option is not validating hidden Terms
  • [WEBCLIENT-256] - previous queries - pagination by date- buttons don't work after the last pagination
  • [WEBCLIENT-259] - worplacefolder drag&drop- not working at subfolder level contents
  • [WEBCLIENT-260] - Drag and drop of folder with multiple concepts appears stuck on group panel
  • [WEBCLIENT-261] - Querytool- Ontology terms query run with breakdowns erroring out
  • [WEBCLIENT-262] - Querytool- query run with query ( run as patientset)-erroring out
  • [WEBCLIENT-263] - workplace folder drag and drop into simple temporal query events box - cannot drag and drop
  • [WEBCLIENT-264] - worplacefolder drag&drop- query report not displaying individual patient name and subfolder naming and path?
  • [WEBCLIENT-265] - Query run with individual pt is returning 0 results on rerun
  • [WEBCLIENT-266] - Individual pt query run with Timeline option - not drawing the timeline, causing unresponsive webpage
  • [WEBCLIENT-267] - Individual pt in Simple temporal query not working
  • [WEBCLIENT-268] - Query run with a ptset is errorin gout on rerun
  • [WEBCLIENT-269] - Individual Pt drag and drop- After query run, query not displaying the patient in panel
  • [WEBCLIENT-270] - worplacefolder drag&drop- queryname gets '@' by default instead of name of the folder on run
  • [WEBCLIENT-271] - workplace folder with empty contents is checked as zero pt instead of ignoring
  • [WEBCLIENT-272] - temporal query with workplace contents in constraint population panel not running
  • [WEBCLIENT-276] - workplace folder with multiple concepts taking long time to load in the query panel after drag and drop
  • [WEBCLIENT-277] - after workplace is deleted from the query panel Query run successful with empty contents