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Session Summary

Obtaining computed phenotypes, Implementation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the use of learning algorithms with applications for directing the phenotyping workflow are discussed during this session.



Presenters (4)



Victor Castro

Corporate Team Lead II

Partners HealthCare





James Cimino, MD

Director, Informatics Institute

University of Alabama at Birmingham





Vivian Gainer

Corporate Manager

Partners HealthCare





Ken Mandl, MD, MPH

Director, Computational Health Informatics Program

Boston Children's Hospital

Professor of Biomedical Informatics

Harvard Medical School




Presentations (3)


Presentation 1: High-throughput Population Phenotyping

Presenter(s): Victor Castro and Vivian Gainer

    • High-quality computed phenotype
    • Partners Biobank
    • Phenotyping the biobank population
    • High-throughput phenotype training





Presentation 2: i2b2 Development at UAB (UABi2b2)

Presenter(s): James Cimino, MD


    • Automatic IRB approval for limited data sets
    • UAB Learning System
    • i2b2 incremental updates
    • Infobuttons for i2b2 (i3b3 plug-in)




Presentation 3: Data Fusion in Phenotypes EHR, Registry, PRO

Presenter(s): Ken Mandl, MD, MPH

    • More common phenotypes in Non-Registry
    • More common phenotypes in Registry
    • C3-PRO: Connecting ResearchKit to the Health System Using i2b2 and FHIR



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