IDRT - Integrated Data Repository Toolkit
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When you first start the IMT, you will see a window similar to the screendump screen dump below. Most windows within the IMT don't contain entries. IMT is an Eclipse-based application, so we will stick to their terminology, calling these windows "views".


If you click on a staging server, the IMT will show all i2b2 projects that the database account can read. i2b2 projects correspond to at least one database or schema and start with a leading string "I2B2".


Menu File

Exiting Exits the program.

Menu Server


A Staging Server is an i2b2-Database-Server , that is used to upload data to.
A Datasource Server is any Database-Server , that is used to extract data from.



Add Staging I2B2Server...

Creates a new Staging Server.

Edit Staging I2B2Server...

Edits the selected Staging Server.

Delete Staging I2B2Server

Deletes the selected Staging Server.

New Datasource Server...

Creates a new Datasource Server.

Edit Datasource Server...

Edits the selected Datasource Server.

Delete Datasource Server

Deletes the selected Datasource Server.

Import Staging I2B2Server...

Lets Let's you import a previously exported Staging Server.

Export Staging I2B2Server...

Lets Let's you export the selected Staging Server.



In some cases, specifying a Syso Log Location results in an empty and non-respnding responding import browser view after restart. Closing the import browser view and reopening the view in the view menu solves the problem.