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Copying nodes from source to target


Selecting a node in the target ontology will highlight the source for that node – if available – in the source ontology.
Both ontologies can be quickly search by typing the search term in the field above the ontologies.

Mapping multiple items


All mapping functions done in the Mapping Editor are only displayed as links (indicated in grey text under an item) in the target ontology. The acutal mapping will be done when uploading the target ontology to an i2b2 project by adjusting concepct_cds in all i2b2 tables.

The Mapping Editor allows for the merging of different concepts from the source ontology to a unifying concept in the target ontology. This can be necessary when mapping for example different source data about smoking habits to a common ontology (see example picture beneath). In contrast to the normal representation of the i2b2 ontology, in the target ontology you can expand nodes which represent i2b2 concepts. This will show all concepts from the source ontology which are mapped here. Mapping can be created by simply dragging a concept from the source ontology onto a concept node in the target ontology and select "Insert Nodes". By right-clicking a mapping entries can be deleted. When uploading a target ontology with mapping like this to a new i2b2 project, patient data from the source ontology will be unified under a mutual concept_cd in the observation_fact.