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Space: Accrual to Clinical Trials
The Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) project goal is to create a federated network of National Clinical and Translationa…
Space: C3-PRO FHIR Uploading Cell
C3PRO Research Framework is an iOS framework written in Swift. Combining FHIR and ResearchKit, usually for data storage …
Space: CARE - Cohort Analysis & Refinement Expeditors
A collection of webclient plugins to facilitate the analyses & refinement of Patient Set usages.
Space: Clinical Trender
The Clinical Trender aims to allow researchers to track and visualize certain clinical variables related to a selected p…
Space: Community Project
Space: Control Matching
A server side plugin to find a set of matched controls based upon a patient set.
Space: CRC Tester
A Workbench plugin that tests the CRC web services by Mike Mendis
Space: Crimson
A project to make specimens available through i2b2 infrastructure, organized by Lynn Bry
Space: Developers Getting Started With i2b2
Are you a new developer to i2b2? Read this section on how to get started, including instructions on obtaining software a…
Space: Events
Information about upcoming and past i2b2 events.
Space: ExportXLS
The i2b2 Web Client Plugin that tabulates patient data & applicable specified concepts; and facilitates export to spread…
Space: FACE caGrid CQL2 Data Source
A caGrid/TRIAD data service that runs i2b2 queries via the RESTful interface to CRC
Space: Familial, Associational, & Incidental Relationships (FAIR) Initiative.
A collection of DBA tools and webclient plugins to facilitate the identification of related concepts amongst related pat…
Space: Federated Query Simulations
Simulations of federated query tools that return aggregate counts, such as SHRINE, by Griffin Weber
Space: Genomic NGS Tool
NextGeneration Sequencing Genomics tools for i2b2. New Sequence Ontology and tools to import NGS data.
Space: GIRI (Generic integration of R into i2b2)
A project to make arbitrary R functions available within the i2b2 Web Client.
Space: Health Ontology Mapper
A general purpose instance mapper and associated ETL processing function running as an i2b2 cell, organized by Rob Wynde…
The Hospital Medicine Reengineering Network, organized by Nick Anderson
Space: i2b2 Academic Users Group
This space accepts documents from AUG members, as well as containing the threads from our AUG email.
Space: i2b2-based Registries
An enhanced patient registry and an associated web based toolkit, organized by Keith Marsolo
Space: i2b2 Community Projects
Central space for highlighting and accessing the projects done by i2b2 Community.
Space: i2b2 Community Wiki
Space: i2b2 Developer's Forum
In depth discussions and postings from the core i2b2 team on enhancing performance, exploring advanced options, and futu…
Space: i2b2 FHIR Cell
Built by Kavishwar Wagholikar, this i2b2 addition allows SMART cells to communicate with the i2b2 core using the Fast He…
Space: i2b2 on Genomics Data
This community project extends the current i2b2 query functionality by providing the ability to query for genotyped subj…
Space: i2b2 Web Client
The i2b2 Web Client is one of several core projects that are directly sponsored by the i2b2 team.
Space: i2b2 wizard
Useful tool for installing i2b2 from scratch organized by Sebastian Mate
Space: i2b2 Workbench
The i2b2 Workbench is one of two i2b2 clients available to the i2b2 community. It is a collection of clientside componen…
Space: i2b2 Working Groups
There are a few working groups that meet on a regularly basis to discuss current and future challenges facing i2b2 in so…
Space: IDRT - Integrated Data Repository Toolkit
A novel rest API that allows short restful messages to communicate with i2b2.
Space: Incorporating Number Of Studies Query capability in i2b2
Implements an administrative interface that reports Buber of studies done in an i2b2 hive.
Space: Loyalty Cohorts
Because electronic health records are often missing information about patients,...
Space: mi2b2
Medical Imaging Informatics Bench to Bedside, organized by Christopher Herrick
Space: Multi-fact Table
The multifact table project is a new feature introduced in 1.7.09 that enables the i2b2 to query more than one fact tabl…
Space: NLP cTAKES Project
A project which integrates cTAKES and i2b2 to extract concepts via NLP from clinical narrative into the i2b2 observation…
Space: Normal Patient
This plugin contains a database script that identifies "healthy normal" patients in an i2b2 CRC cell. This is important …
Space: ODM to i2b2 importer
i2b2 cell to import electronic data capture (EDC) data such as data from REDCap and import into i2b2.
Space: OMOP
The legacy i2b2 data model is comprised of a central fact table (observationfact) surrounded by multiple dimension table…
Space: Ontology Tools
Tools to extract and organize ontologies. The tools are organized by Lori Phillips. Recent additions is a library of ont…
Space: PopMedNet Tools
Using PopMedNet and i2b2 for Distributed Queries
Space: Query Health
Integrating i2b2 and Query Health for standardscompliant population health management
Space: REDCap Tools
Research Electronic Data Capture Organized by Mark Weiner
Space: Release Management
Central location for information about the different releases of the i2b2 software.
Space: SCIHLS Disease Data Mart Request
Automated Creation of a new data mart with the SCILHS ontology for projects that are initiated by a SCILHS SHRINE query.
Space: SCILHS PCORnet Common Data Model Ontology
SCILHS (with much help from others) has developed an i2b2 information model that represents the PCORnet Common Data Mode…
Space: Server (Cells) Architecture Home
Space: Server (Cells) Design
Space: Server (Cells) Messaging Home
Space: SETL - Standards-based Extract, Transform, and Load
Interoperability with standardsbased clinical data formats, including HL7 Continuity of Care Documents
Space: Shared Clinical Trial Projects
The Shared Health Research Information Network, organized by Doug MacFadden
Space: SMART
Substitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies i2b2 integration, organized by Nich Wattanasin
Space: SNP Terminology development with VISTA
Creating Single Nucleotide Polymorphism terminologies that will survive versioning, organized by Lori Phillips
Space: TimeAlign
TimeAlign displays the records and their events in a linear, zoomable timeline that allows investigators to quickly gras…
Space: Workplace Items Sharing Enhancement
A collection of webclient plugins that Enhance the Sharing of Items within the Workplace pane

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