i2b2-based Registries
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i2b2-based Registries

This is the home of the Related Project - i2b2-based Registries space.

The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) i2b2 team has extended i2b2 to create an enhanced patient registry and an associated web-based toolkit.  It provides the necessary functionality in a modular fashion, allowing users to choose the capabilities that are appropriate for their project.  The enhanced registry architecture includes linkage to the EHR and an application layer that allows the development of functionality to support quality improvement and comparative effectiveness research.  There are capabilities for data collection to capture information that is not collected in an EHR, as well as mechanisms for reporting and visualization.

Versions of the CCHMC i2b2 code and data documents can be found at the CCHMC SVN: https://bmi.cchmc.org/svn/i2b2/i2b2/public/


Example Project: Liver Transplant Registry

Within CCHMC's i2b2 based Liver Transplant Registry users can:

  1. View/Edit EHR data: Specific EHR fields are identified, mapped to i2b2, and displayed in either a read only, or editable format. Any changes are tracked through an audit trail and users are alerted through a color coding system if a new/different value is available to pull from the EHR.
  2. Perform Data Entry: Through the use of forms users can add additional data to the i2b2 database.
  3. Run Pre-defined Reports: Numerous pre-defined reports have been developed for users to run as needed.  



View/Edit EHR Data: Patient Information


View/Edit EHR Data: Clinical Information



Perform Data Entry: Clinical Information



Run Pre-defined Reports:



Example Report: Liver Age at Transplant Report



More information can be found on the CCHMC i2b2 project site: http://i2b2.cchmc.org.

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