Federated Query Simulations
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The Federated Query Simulations project contains database scripts that simulate federated queries of clinical data repositories.

Created by Griffin M Weber, MD, PhD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA



Simulation 1: Patient Overlap

This script simulates a query to determine the number of distinct patients in a network of hospitals that match certain criteria. It repeats the simulation multiple times varying the different configuration parameters of the simulation. For more information, please see the manuscript "Federated queries of clinical data repositories:  The sum of the parts doesn't equal the whole".

This script should be run in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later.
It requires about 1.5 GB storage and takes several hours to complete.



Simulation 2: A 4000 Site Network

This script simulates a 4000 site federated network to determine how properties of a network differ between small and large networks.

This script should be run in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later.

It only uses temporary tables and requires no permanent storage. It takes about one hour to run.





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