Multi-fact Table
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i2b2 Multiple Fact Tables

Project Name:Multi-fact tableRepository Location:
Developer/s:Lori Phillips, MS

Institution/s:Mass General Brighami2b2 Components:i2b2 Server
Email:lcphillips@partners.orgKeywords:i2b2, multifact
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Project Summary

The multi-fact table project is a new feature that has been added to version 1.7.09 of the i2b2. Prior to this release, the i2b2 star schema could only support one fact table (observation_fact). We have noticed an increasing need for the i2b2 to be able to search multiple fact tables with a single query. The i2b2 server has been updated to allow those sites that want to use multiple fact tables will have the option to do so.This new feature enables the i2b2 to adapt to the needs of such projects as the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI) network and the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM). It can also be used for sites that want to be able to query both genomic and phenotype data but don't want the data to reside in a single table.

Starting  with 1.7.12 version, you can set multifacttable parameter in hive_cell_params  table. Using SQL editor, update the param_name_cd queryprocessor.multifacttable value to true

example Oracle syntax:

Example Oracle syntax


UPDATE hive_cell_params

set value ='true' where param_name_cd ='queryprocessor.multifacttable' and cell_id ='CRC';

Deprecated Feature


Prior to 1.7.12 , the  parameter  “queryprocessor.multifacttable”  was set in file. The setting is now configurable in the database.

Beginning in 1.7.12, the CRC properties are in the database! See this link.

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