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The i2b2 Webclient has five main panels, laid out in the following manner.

Top Right. Query Tool

The Query Tool panel is where queries are constructed and run. Users can specify query criteria in the group panels.  Query criteria can be any terms contained in the vocabularies (also called ontologies) in the Navigate/Find Terms section, as well as past queries or query results.

Top Left. Navigate/Find Terms

The Navigate/Find Terms panel contains hierarchical vocabularies of terms for constructing queries. Users can navigate through the vocabularies using the Navigate Terms panel, or can search by text or codes using the Find tab.

Bottom Right. Query Status

The Query Status panel shows information about the state of a query, such as if it is currently running, or, when it completes, the results.  The Query Report tab provides a textual representation of the query, while Graph Results displays various graphical representations of the results.

Bottom Left. Previous Queries

Previously-run queries and their results are stored in the Previous Queries panel. Users may re-use them by dragging them into the Query Name section or groups in the Query Tool or save them by dragging them them into the Workplace panel. The most recently run queries are displayed at the top. Users can use the Find tab to search for a prior query they created.

Middle Left. Workplace

The Workplace panel stores information, such as prior queries, that can be referred to or used later. Users may store previously-run queries, patient sets, individual patients, and terms in this panel. Users can create folders to organize the workplace.  The workplace is private by default, but there is a SHARED folder that everyone has access to. Users can use the SHARED folder to share terms and queries with other colleagues.

New in v1.7.12


By default, the three panels on the left are combined into one large panel with tabs across the top. This provides a larger workspace. The original view can be restored by clicking on the Zoom icon in the upper right (Resize Workspace). It is also possible for an administrator to change the default for all users via the i2b2_config_data.js file.

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