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The Query Status panel contains information regarding the state of a query.

There are three tabs in this panel.  Show Query Status, Graph Results, and Query Report.

To expand the Query Status panel for any of the three tabs, click on the square widget in the upper right corner of the panel.

Show Query Status

While a query is running, the name of the query and how long it has been running will appear in the 'Show Query Status' tab.

Other information that shows up in this tab depends on which options are selected in the 'Run Query' popup box when the query is run.

Once the query has finished, the number of patients meeting the search criteria, and the time it took to run the query, will appear. 

Graph Results

When a query has run, some results will show up in the 'Graph Results' tab, depending on what options are selected in the 'Run Query' popup box when the query is run.

If any of the breakdown categories (Age, Race, Gender, Vital Status, Length of Stay, Top 20 diagnoses, Top 20 medications, Inpatient and Outpatient) are selected in the 'Run Query' popup, a bar graph will display for each category selected.

This is the Run Query popup showing default breakdown types:

Query Report

The 'Query Report' tab displays a textual representation of the query.   It can be printed by clicking on the 'Print Report' button in the upper right hand corner. To expand the tab and view the entire report, click on the square widget above the 'Print Report;' button.

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