IDRT - Integrated Data Repository Toolkit
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  1. Load an existing i2b2 ontology (left hand ontology in the picture).
  2. Generate a new i2b2 ontology (from scratch or from an existing one, this is the ontology on the right hand side in the picture).
  3. Map items onto each other.
  4. Create, read, update and delete items and folder.
  5. Add a start- and enddatesend dates.
  6. Merge items and folder with medical standard terminologies.
  7. Upload the mapped data into a new or existing i2b2 project.


The Mapping Editor Progress view gives you the progress of every action done within the Mapping Editor.

StatusViewStatus View

The Status View gives you the status of every action done within the Mapping Editor.


Within the Target Info View you can see detailed information about an item or a folder of your new i2b2 ontology. This These are all items and folders on the right hand side of the Mapping Editor. You can also edit the name or tooltip of the selected item or folder.