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Truncate i2b2 Project?

If you check this, the project will be truncated before the data is uploaded.

Truncate Previous Queries?

This will truncate the previous queries tables.

Database Indexing

Ignore: Don't touch the indexes;
Stop/Start: Stop the indexes before the upload and start them afterwards;
Drop/Create: Drop the indexes before the upload and create them from scratch afterwards.

Set patient_count after import

This will fill the c_totalnum column.


Here you can select the folder that contains all CDISC-ODM files you want to upload.

Include complete Codelists?

This will generate i2b2 ontology items , that are in a codelist, even if there are no patients for it.

Include PIDs?

This will generate a new i2b2 folder containing the patient IDs (PID) as items.

Save Settings?

This will save the settings for the next import. Note: The truncate checks are never saved.