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Older, unsupported add-ons are on the Archived Optional Components page.
  • i2b2 Web Client
  • The i2b2 Web Client is a collection of client-side components designed as an YUI AJAX-based plug-ins that communicate with i2b2 Cells and allow the investigator to query and display the data of the hive.
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  • Project Request Guide
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The source code files for the i2b2 Core Hive Cells, i2b2 Workbench and Web Client are listed below. The i2b2 Source is a collection of both client and server source code and can be used to build the i2b2 Server and Workbench from scratch. Demo data, current documentation, and VMware i2b2 server installed on CentOS can also be downloaded.

Version: 1.7.12
Release Date: December 27, 2019
License: Mozilla 2 Open Source License

i2b2 Core Server Source Code1.7.12 (December, 2019)
i2b2 Core Data Source Code1.7.12 (December, 2019)
i2b2 Web Client1.7.12 (December, 2019)
i2b2 Documentation1.7.12 (December, 2019)
i2b2 VMWare Server/Client Demo1.7.12 (December, 2019)
i2b2 Workbench

2.0.01 (October 17, 2017)

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