Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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i2b2 1.8 introduces a completely rewritten powerful web client query tool and we recommend all users use this. Additionally, we still provide two deprecated clients: the classic web client and a thick client called the i2b2 Workbench. 

  1. i2b2 1.8 Web Client (recommended)
  2. i2b2 Administration Module (based on the classic Web Client)
  3. i2b2 Workbench (thick client, deprecated)
  4. i2b2 Classic Web Client.

Clients 2-4 can be found in the corresponding subsections of this chapter. This chapter will guide you through the installation of the i2b2 Web Client, which is a web-based interface to the i2b2 hive. The web client does not have to be installed on a user's computer. All an i2b2 user needs to run the web client is a web browser. This aids greatly in enterprise-wide roll out of the i2b2 across an institution.