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The i2b2 Workbench is a client based software comprised of a series of components designed as Eclipse-based plugins that communicate with the i2b2 hive cells. Depending on your needs, there are several ways in which you can access the software for the i2b2 Workbench. The table shown below will provide you links to where you want to go depending on what you want to do.
There are a couple of things to point out:
  1. The Workbench client for macs is only available on the VMs. This is due to a problem with a third-party software that is out of the control of the i2b2 community.
  2. There are two ways to access the source code.
    1. The source code that is packaged up and available on the software pages within the i2b2 Workbench space is the released version of the source code. The package also contains the required xml plugin that is part of the i2b2-core-server repository as it is maintained with the server side components.
    2. The source code in the i2b2-workbench is always the latest code and may contain fixes that are not released yet. It doesn't contain the xml plugin so users would need to also download this plugin from i2b2-core-server if they wish to run it in their local environment.



I want to...Where to find it
Go to the Current Workbench Release pageSoftware Release 2.0.01
Download the i2b2 Workbench Client (windows)Client Desktop Application
Download the Workbench VMs (including the client for macs)Workbench VMs
Download the source code for the latest release of the WorkbenchSource Code
Go to the Workbench repository on GitHub (source code)i2b2-workbench
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