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Ontology Cell is Unavailable

Possible Problems and Solutions:

The following table is designed to assist you with troubleshooting this error.

When The Error Message Was Received

Possible Problem(s)

Possible Solution(s)

Received while logged into the i2b2 Web Client or Workbench

The possible causes for this error message may be one of the following:

  • The Ontology Cell may not be deployed
  • The Ontology Cell may be down; the services are not running
  • The Ontology Cell may not be configured correctly in i2b2 Admin
  • Verify the Ontology Cell was deployed by looking in the deployments folder located in YOUR_JBOSS_DIR
    • If the cell was deployed you will see a file called ont-ds.xml.deployed
    • If it was not deployed you won't see the above file and will need to deploy the ontology cell.
  • Check your web services to see if OntologyService is listed as active. If it is not then you need to restart JBoss.
  • Verify the Ontology Cell is configured correctly in i2b2 Admin.
    • The Cell Id should be ONT
    • The Cell URL should be the IP or domain name where the cell is located.

Installation Guide Resources:

The following resources address configuring deploying and configuring cells as well as checking web services.