Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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Steps Completed

The following steps were completed during this chapter on installing the i2b2 Admin.

  Install i2b2 Administration Module Chapter

  Installed Admin module 
  Verified the installation

Next Steps

At this point in the installation process you have two options on how you would like to proceed.

Path 1: Install the i2b2 Web Client and Workbench before you proceed with installing the remaining i2b2 core cells.
This path will allow you to do a sanity check after you install each cell. The sanity check involves logging into the clients and making sure there are no errors being reported.

Path 2: Install the remaining i2b2 core cells and then install the i2b2 Web Client and Workbench.
This path will allow you to install all the cells. After you install each cell you will be able to verify the service is running but you will not be able to do a full sanity check until the end when you install the clients.

The next step for Path 1 is to proceed to the i2b2 Web Client Install chapter.

The next step for Path 2 is to proceed to the Ontology Cell Install chapter.


The path you choose is strictly up to you. For those of you that are new to i2b2 we recommend you follow the first path and install the clients before installing the remaining cells. Doing a sanity check after each cell installation will help troubleshoot and narrow down any issues that you may encounter.