Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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  1. Download the new v1.8.x Web Client release.
  2. Create a new hosting directory (http://hostname/legacy) in Apache that will contain your currently existing deployment.
  3. Move the files for the existing web client deployment into this new hosting directory
  4. Copy the new v1.8 web client into the root deployment directory (http://hostname/).
  5. Edit proxy.php and setup the whitelist and blacklist entries.
  6. Edit i2b2_config_domains.js file and change the “urlProxy” entry to “/proxy.php”.
    1. Copy the i2b2 domains from your legacy deployment into the i2b2_config_domains.js file. See “Apache Install Guide for i2b2 Release v1.8+” section “I2B2 CONFIGURATION”.
    2. Configure any SAML (Shibboleth) authentication within the i2b2 domains if needed.
  7. Download any additional “modern” plugins and move into the /plugins directory.
  8. Edit /plugins/plugins.json file and add the new plugins. See “Apache Install Guide for i2b2 Release v1.8+” section “CONFIGURATION OF MODERN PLUGINS”.
  9. Copy into /js-i2b2/cells/LEGACYPLUGIN/legacy_plugin directory any legacy plugins from the /legacy deployment.
  10. Register the copied plugins (from the previous step) into the following file:
    See “Install Guide for i2b2 Release v1.8+” section “CONFIGURATION OF LEGACY PLUGINS” for examples and more information.
  11. Edit the login screen template:
    1. Set the URL address for the “classic i2b2” link to “/legacy”.
    2. Set the URL address for the “Forgot password” link if you have a custom page to reset a user’s password. Remove this linkfrom the HTML template if you do not offer this service.
    3. Add any additional SAML authentication service links if you use something besides Shibboleth or Okta.
  12. Apply any logos, color schemes or additional branding to the template files. See the document titled “Applying Branding Styles to the i2b2 Release v1.8+” for more details.
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