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i2b2 Sponsored Project - Mapping tools .. modified for PCORI

A set of mapping tools have been created to assist with the assignment, verification, integration, export and import of mappings between two ontologies. In the Software section we provide a sample workbench client / vm image that have been pre-configured with a small subset of local Diabetes mappings.


A graphical UI to assist with mapping one ontology to another

An integration tool for merging the mapped terms into the target ontology.

        This feature replaces the 1.0 Integration command line tool.

An export tool to export the final merged ontology into a delimited i2b2 metadata file.

An import tool for importing a small set of terms to be mapped

This tool requires the user to have EDITOR role.

Software and documentation

Mapping Tools Tutorial    How to use the tool

Getting started    How to set up the tool

Software and data package   MAP cell, and client software;  data installation scripts

Map demo VM   1.7.02-based VM containing the Map demo

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