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Welcome to the i2b2 wiki, the central place for communication between the i2b2 community and developers.

The various Spaces below are your entry points to i2b2 information. You may browse these pages anonymously. If you are the manager of an i2b2-related project, you can request a Wiki site to be created for your project.

Space: Developers Getting Started With i2b2
Are you a new developer to i2b2? Read this section on how to get started, including instructions on obtaining software a…
Space: i2b2 Academic Users Group
This space accepts documents from AUG members, as well as containing the threads from our AUG email.
Space: i2b2 Developer's Forum
In depth discussions and postings from the core i2b2 team on enhancing performance, exploring advanced options, and futu…
Space: i2b2 Official Releases
Read the Release Notes and publicly announced issues for current and previous versions of the i2b2 software
Space: i2b2 Roadmap
The i2b2 Roadmap describes future versions of i2b2, including major software enhancement plans
Space: i2b2 Sponsored Project - i2b2 Web Client
The i2b2 Web Client is one of several core projects that are directly sponsored by the i2b2 team.
Space: i2b2 Sponsored Project - NCBO Ontology Tools
Tools to extract and organize ontologies from the NCBO, organized by Lori Phillips
Space: Related Project - CARE - Cohort Analysis & Refinement Expeditors
A collection of webclient plugins to facilitate the analyses & refinement of Patient Set usages.
Space: Related Project - Clinical Trender
The Clinical Trender aims to allow researchers to track and visualize certain clinical variables related to a selected p…
Space: Related Project - Clinical Trials Support for SHRINE
Space: Related Project - Control Matching
Space: Related Project - CRC Tester
A Workbench plugin that tests the CRC web services by Mike Mendis
Space: Related Project - Crimson
A project to make specimens available through i2b2 infrastructure, organized by Lynn Bry
Space: Related Project - ExportXLS
The i2b2 Web Client Plugin that tabulates patient data & applicable specified concepts; and facilitates export to spread…
Space: Related Project - FACE caGrid CQL2 Data Source
A caGrid/TRIAD data service that runs i2b2 queries via the RESTful interface to CRC
Space: Related Project - Familial, Associational, & Incidental Relationships (FAIR) Initiative.
A collection of DBA tools and webclient plugins to facilitate the identification of related concepts amongst related pat…
Space: Related Project - Federated Query Simulations
Simulations of federated query tools that return aggregate counts, such as SHRINE, by Griffin Weber
Space: Related Project - Genomic NGS Tool
NextGeneration Sequencing Genomics tools for i2b2. New Sequence Ontology and tools to import NGS data.
Space: Related Project - GIRI (Generic integration of R into i2b2)
A project to make arbitrary R functions available within the i2b2 webclient
Space: Related Project - Health Ontology Mapper
A general purpose instance mapper and associated ETL processing function running as an i2b2 cell, organized by Rob Wynde…
Space: Related Project - HOMERUN
The Hospital Medicine Reengineering Network, organized by Nick Anderson
Space: Related Project - i2b2-based Registries
An enhanced patient registry and an associated web based toolkit, organized by Keith Marsolo
Space: Related Project - i2b2 wizard
Useful tool for installing i2b2 from scratch organized by Sebastian Mate
Space: Related Project - IDRT - Integrated Data Repository Toolkit
Space: Related Project - Incorporating Number Of Studies Query capability in i2b2
Space: Related Project - Loyalty Cohorts
Space: Related Project - mi2b2
Medical Imaging Informatics Bench to Bedside, organized by Christopher Herrick
Space: Related Project - NLP cTAKES Project
A project which integrates cTAKES and i2b2 to extract concepts via NLP from clinical narrative into the i2b2 observation…
Space: Related Project - Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP)
Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership, organized by Anil Dubey
Space: Related Project - ODM to i2b2 importer
i2b2 cell to import electronic data capture (EDC) data such as data from REDCap and import into i2b2.
Space: Related Project - PopMedNet
Using PopMedNet and i2b2 for Distributed Queries
Space: Related Project - Query Health
Integrating i2b2 and Query Health for standardscompliant population health management
Space: Related Project - REDCap
Research Electronic Data Capture Organized by Mark Weiner
Space: Related Project - SCIHLS Disease Data Mart Request
Space: Related Project - SCILHS PCORnet Common Data Model Ontology
Space: Related Project - SETL - Standards-based Extract, Transform, and Load
Interoperability with standardsbased clinical data formats, including HL7 Continuity of Care Documents
Space: Related Project - SHRINE
The Shared Health Research Information Network, organized by Doug MacFadden
Space: Related Project - SMART
Substitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies i2b2 integration, organized by Nich Wattanasin
Space: Related Projects - Normal Patient
Space: Related Project - SNP Terminology development with VISTA
Creating Single Nucleotide Polymorphism terminologies that will survive versioning, organized by Lori Phillips
Space: Related Project - TimeAlign
Space: Related Project - Workplace Items Sharing Enhancement
A collection of webclient plugins that Enhance the Sharing of Items within the Workplace pane
Space: Wiki Legal Notices

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