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  • 6/2022: i2b2 release 1.7.13 available!
    • SAML federated login
    • Security enhancements
    • User registration tool
    • Synthea synthetic data
    • ACT Ontology v4
    • ... and more!

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i2b2 Log4j Vulnerability Update

None of the versions of i2b2 are using the affected (vulnerable) version of Log4j. For versions prior to 1.7.13, a patch is available to remove the features in Log4j with security flaws. i2b2 1.7.13 has been upgraded to the latest version of Log4J.

Consortium for Clinical Characterization of Covid-19 by EHR (4CE)

4CE is an international consortium for electronic health record (EHR) data-driven studies of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this effort—led by the i2b2 international academics users group—is to inform doctors, epidemiologists and the public about COVID-19 patients with data acquired through the health care process.


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