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The WORK system is represented using the components and connector client-server view.

Primary Presentation

Element Catalog

Element Name



i2b2 Workbench

Client Component

Webservice client submits the request to the WORK Server components and renders a response XML.

Workplace Framework Server

Server Component

Provides a Web Service Interface for the WORK system.
It supports the REST protocol.
It uses the Project Management server to handle user authentication.

Project Management Server

Server Component

WORK cell uses the Project Management cell to authenticate the user.
WORK cell constructs the PM request message and makes a web service call to the Project Management cell.


Data Repository Component

This repository is a database for the i2b2 workplace data.


Query Connector

SQL query used as a connector between the WORK System and the Metadata database.

Web Service

Request Connector

REST protocol used to communicate with the external system.

Design Rationale, Constraints

N-tier Architecture
The client-server style depicts an n-tier architecture that separates the presentation layer from the business logic and data access layer.

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