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The registration processor (e.g. register.php) is used to capture three required parameters that the i2b2 PM cell needs in order to register a user via web services. Specifically, a user registration form at your institution should capture at least three required fields: usernameemail, and fullname. See the Registration Form UI page for details on capturing and submitting these parameters to the registration processor.

Example register.php
// Input parameters for username, email, and fullname from the registration form
$user_name = $_POST['username'];
$email = $_POST['email'];
$full_name = $_POST['fullname'];
// Check that a user is not already registered to the SHRINE project
$project_id = 'My_SHRINE_Project';
$user_is_registered = i2b2_get_role($user_name, $project_id);



You can follow the example Logic Workflow to construct your user registration process at your institution. Included below are example PHP functions that will help you get started.



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