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CORE-399 Oracle index hints must use the table alias 

CORE-382 Username / password errors should not specify which had the problem

CORE-402 Fix Veracode identified Security flaws in i2b2 Server-Side Code

CORE-404 Adding support for JDK 11. Now including the gensrc due to jaxb has been removed. 

CORE-413 FetchAllChildren 

CORE-414 SAML (server side)

CORE-415 Log4j upgraded to v2

CORE-416 User parameter precedence change (contributed by Michael Horvath)

CORE-417 LDAP UPN support (contributed by Michael Horvath)

CORE-405 Upgrade JDBC Drivers 

CORE-412 Disable login to agg service account

WEBCLIENT-334 Provide tabs for major plugins and temporal query 

WEBCLIENT-344 Cleanup Analysis Tools list of Plugins to only Supported Items 

WEBCLIENT-325 Wayne's improvements to hierarchical find-by-name

WEBCLIENT-353 SAML and user registration tool (client side) 


Webclient Core-server

WEBCLIENT-351 Obfuscated User Not Showing Graph

WEBCLIENT-342 switch response status check from "OK" to 200 to handle lab value pop up in http/2 protocols

WEBCLIENT-335 temporal query in webclient with no anchoring events not running

WEBCLIENT-350  Unable to drag items in workplace 

WEBCLIENT-294 Webclient Reports "QUERY CANCELLED" While Query Is Still Running 

WEBCLIENT-354 Removed broken context menu in Find Previous Queries

CORE-418 Local timestamps in sessions on Oracle - appserver /db server in diff time zones 

CORE-282 Error returned when obfuscated user is locked out 

CORE-281 Query continues to run after user receives lockout message 

CORE-399 use alias for index hint