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Pre-configured SMART i2b2 VM

A VMWare virtual machine containing a SMART-enabled i2b2 1.6.03 instance is available for download. The virtual machine is also pre-loaded with a selection of SMART apps. The source code for SMART-i2b2 is also available for download.


The pre-configured virtual machine contains the following:

  • CentOS 5.8 Linux O/S
  • i2b2 1.6.03 Server
  • Demo data of 133 sample patients in Oracle 10g
  • i2b2 1.6.03 Web Client
  • New SMART Cell
  • New Mapper Cell containing suggested mappings for demo data
  • New EMR View Plugin
  • Selection of actual SMART apps (Medications List App, Problems List App, Cardiac Risk App, Blood Pressure Centiles App, and Got Statins App)