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Pre-configured SMART i2b2 VM

A VMWare virtual machine containing a SMART-enabled i2b2 1.6.03 instance is available for download. The virtual machine is also pre-loaded with a selection of SMART apps. The source code for SMART-i2b2 is also available for download.


The pre-configured virtual machine contains the following:

  • CentOS 5.8 Linux O/S
  • i2b2 1.6.03 Server
  • Demo data of 133 sample patients in Oracle 10g
  • i2b2 1.6.03 Web Client
  • New SMART Cell
  • New Mapper Cell containing suggested mappings for demo data
  • New EMR View Plugin
  • Selection of actual SMART apps (Medications List App, Problems List App, Cardiac Risk App, Blood Pressure Centiles App, and Got Statins App)


File Name

File Size


Release Date


1.8 GB

This is a modified i2b2 1.6.03 VMWare virtual machine containing the components that SMART-enable i2b2.

March 30, 2012


vmware Installation Guide_1-6.pdf

866 KB

Instruction guide for how to run the virtual machine in your environment

March 30, 2012



7.3 MB

Screencast video of SMART i2b2 EMR view web client plugin

March 30, 2012


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