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SMART i2b2 Source

Before you begin, it is suggested for you to try out the pre-configured virtual machine containing a SMART-enabled i2b2 1.6.03 instance with a selection of pre-installed SMART apps. You should also use the virtual machine as a comparison to your own configurations while you setup SMART i2b2 manually from source below.


The source code zip file '' contains the following:

  • Source Code for SMART Cell (found in / folder) with Ant build scripts
  • JBoss Configuration Files (found in /opt folder)
  • JAR of Mapper Cell
  • Source Code for SMART i2b2 web client plugin (found in /var/www folder)
  • (Optional) Drop-in JAR Files for SMART Cell
  • Detailed Install Guide

The data zip file '' contains the following:

  • SQL scripts for both Oracle and SQL Server with Ant build scripts for SMART-i2b2 related data (to be used against demodata database)
  • Detailed Data Install Guide


File Name

File Size


Release Date


75 MB

Complete Source Package: SMART-i2b2 Core Source Code + Web Client Files + Data Scripts

April 1, 2013


Bundled with source package

3 MB

SMART-i2b2 Data Scripts for Oracle and SQL Server

June 10, 2012



7.3 MB

Screencast video of SMART i2b2 EMR view web client plugin

March 30, 2012


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