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i2b2 Sponsored Project - Mapping tools

A set of mapping tools have been created to assist with the assignment and/or verification of mappings between two ontologies. In the Software section we provide a sample workbench client / vm image that have been pre-configured with a small subset of ICD-9 to ICD-10 mappings. The mappings presented here were derived from the UMLS GEM (general equivalent mappings).  

Preliminary Release Candidate Software

Below are a workbench/VM image pair that have been pre-configured with preliminary Release Candidate mapping tool software.

After starting up the VM, you will see a message about how to configure the i2b2workbench.properties file to use this server.  Follow the instructions for step 3.  Upon startup of the workbench, log in as demo/demouser.

Code Block
3) i2b2Workbench

     Copy the following text into the properties file (i2b2workbench.properties)

     I2b2.1= ....

i2b2workbench-win-map-10RC1.zip  Workbench client (1.6.5 , windows compatible) pre-configured with Mapping plugins 1.0RC1

i2b2vmware_mapping-10RC1.zip               VM image: 1.6.5 hive pre-configured with MAP cell version 1.0RC1

Ontology Mapping Tutorial                        Tutorial for the Ontology Mapping tool plugins