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i2b2 Requirements 

i2b2 Software Requirements

In regards to the i2b2 on OMOP project, the i2b2 Software requirements are very simple;

  • Your i2b2 server needs to be running on version 1.7.09 in order to query multiple OMOP CDM tables.
  • Admin module needs to be installed on your i2b2 server.

<div class="i2b2-panel">
    <table class="i2b2-note">
            <col width="24">
                    <img src="" width="16" height="16" align="absmiddle" alt="info" border="0">
                    <br>The current 1.7.09 release is a release candidate and the link to download it can be found on the <a href="">Release 1.7.09-RC1 page</a>.

i2b2 Database Requirements

Download the data package to install the crcdata, metadata and workdata tables.

Your existing installation of the hivedata and pmdata tables will be used; so unless you are setting up a completely new instance of i2b2 you do not need to setup these tables.

OMOP Requirements 

OMOP CDM - Data Requirements

  • OMOP CDM version 5 is implemented.
  • i2b2 tables reside in the same database and schema as your CDM tables.
  • CMS SynPUF 1K data set is loaded into the CDM tables.