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Software information for i2b2 on OMOP project

The information contained on the Software for i2b2 on OMOP pages is intended to inform the community about the different versions of the i2b2 on OMOP software.

An "official" release is one that has been tested, documented and made available to the general public. Official releases are stable and can be installed in a production environment.

A "release candidate" is a pre-release version of the i2b2 software that is made available to the i2b2 community prior to the official release of the i2b2 software. Release candidates should never be installed in a production environment.

I Want to...Where to Find it
Download the latest version of the software for i2b2 on OMOPRelease 1.7.09
View installation guide for the i2b2 on OMOP projectInstallation Guide (i2b2 on OMOP)
View installation guide for the i2b2 Core Softwarei2b2 Installation Guide


We are in the process of updating this page to reflect support for i2b2 1.7.12. In brief, this software will work on v1.7.12. Approximate steps:

1) Install v1.7.12 as per normal.

2) Install from the link above (labeled Release 1.7.09).

3) You might need to update QT tables from 1.7.09 to 1.7.12 :

4) Set queryprocessor.multifacttable to true in the hive_cell_params table: Multi-fact Table Home

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