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The IDRT i2b2 Web Client Plugin shows the resulting patient sets of a query in a tabular view.

On this page you can find a short description of this tool. If you want to try it out, read the Installation instruction and the Manual / Features overview. Download the necessary files at the Download page.


The IDRT i2b2 Web Client Plugin adds advanced functionality to the i2b2 Web Clientby allowing it to display a previous query or patient set of the i2b2 Query Tool in a more informative way. To enhance the speed of the plugin a supportive server-cell was created.

Every patient in the set retrieved by the used query will be visualized in a table where all relevant data to this patient is explicitly shown. Whereas relevant means that only data from concepts will be displayed that were also included in the original query. The plugin is also able to visualize modifiers to the patient data (like information about biomaterial taken during the same encounter) in a similar way.

The following screenshot shows the appearance of the plugin after additional data for a query was requested. The query itself was interested in male persons of any age that smoke once per day or once per week. Furthermore it was required that biomaterial of this patient was left in the freezers. It can be seen that modifier data will be placed in an additional tab. For a combined view a Summary tab is created. Moreover, the plugin allows it to sort and filter the tables and export them in the CSV-format. 

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