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"Your site" target location label does not appear or no target locations appear.
PM Target location not specified properly


The two target locations ("Your site" and PM) referenced in these error messages are synonymous.

Possible Problems and Solutions:

The following table is designed to assist you with troubleshooting this error.

When The Error Message Was Received

Possible Problem(s)

Possible Solution(s)

Received when attempting to log into the i2b2 Workbench

The target location may be missing or not be defined correctly in the file.

Revisit the file and verify the following:

  • The target location parameters have the proper number of elements.
  • The target location parameters do not have duplicate numbers.

Target Location Example:

Installation Guide Resources:

The following resources address configuring the file and how to access it on either a Macintosh or Windows machine.

Resource For...



Configuring the PM Cell in the file

i2b2 Workbench Install

Define Hive Location

Accessing the file on a Mac

i2b2 Workbench Install

Access Properties File on a Macintosh

Accessing the file on Windows

i2b2 Workbench Install

Access Properties File on Windows