Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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In your i2b2 Workbench folder there is a file called When a user starts the logon process by clicking on the executable the i2b2 Workbench looks to this properties file to find out where the i2b2 hive is located.


The file that is delivered with the i2b2 software contains the properties for connecting to the i2b2 demo domain that is made available to the general public on the i2b2 web site ( Currently we are setting up a local version of the i2b2 demo hive. The same steps outlined here can also be taken to setup the workbench to work with any other domains you have in your environment (example a test and / or production domain).

Additional Note Regarding Accessing the File

The process of accessing the properties file is slightly different between Apple's Macintosh and Microsoft's Windows operating systems. If you do not know how to access these files in your environment then you can proceed to one of the following sections:

  • Access Properties File on a Macintosh
  • Access Properties File on Windows

Once you have opened the property file you can return to this section to see how to configure it to work in your environment.

Editing the file

The last two lines of the file contain information about the location of the i2b2 hive.

  • The second to last line is i2b2demo information for the "public" domain on the i2b2 website.
  • The last line is an example that can be edited with your information.


When you open the file you may receive a warning message stating the file is locked. Click on the Unlock button to be make the file editable.

Steps to edit the Workbench properties

Edit the following information in the file.

1. Remove the pound sign (#) at the beginning of the line as this denotes a comment.
  • If it is not removed the i2b2 Workbench will ignore the string and the user will not be able to log onto that domain.

2. Update YourSite with the name of the domain you are setting up. In the instance of your local i2b2 demo install the domain is i2b2demo.


The domain property is case sensitive; so i2b2*D*emo is not the same as i2b2*d*emo.

3. Update jbossHost:jbossPort with the name of your WildFly host and its port.

Steps to update Workbench properties for multiple domains

If you have more than one environment you can include all of them in this one properties file by doing the following.

1. Copy the string you just edited to a new line.
2. Update the domain and WildFly information with the correct information for the additional hive.
3. Make sure you advance the number at the beginning of the string ("i2b2.2").


I2b2.3=TestDomain,REST,http://myTestWildFly .org:myTestWildFly Port/i2b2/services/PMService/
I2b2.4=ProdDomain,REST,http://myProdWildFly .org:myProdWildFly Port/i2b2/services/PMService/


If you do not want users to see the i2b2demo domain that was delivered with the i2b2 Workbench you can either remove it or comment it out by placing a pound sign (#) in front of the string.

Also, the last domain listed in the properties file will be the one that defaults at the Target location when logging into the i2b2 Workbench. We recommend the domain users log into the most be the last one listed in your properties file.