Developers Getting Started With i2b2
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In the Requirements Chapter of this install document you downloaded a zip file that contained the i2b2 data package. This zip file contains all the data installation scripts needed to create the i2b2 tables and load the sample data provided.

Steps to extract the code

1. Set up a target source directory for the i2b2 data.
2. Locate the file you downloaded in the  i2b2 Requirements Section.
3. Extract the data package into the target source directory you just created.


You will want to make note of the location as it will be needed further along in the i2b2 installation. In the installation document whenever you see YOUR_I2B2_DATA_DIR it will need to be replaced with the location of your i2b2 Data files.

For your convenience an installation Worksheet to track the setup locations has been provided in the Appendices Chapter.