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Source Code for Data Repository (CRC) Cell

In the chapter titled Install i2b2 Server-Common, you extracted the files from the i2b2 Core Source Code zip file into a directory of your choosing (YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR). One of the files extracted was a folder called edu.harvard.i2b2.crc and it is in this folder where the files for the CRC installation reside.

CRC Directory Structure

The main directory for the CRC Cell is edu.harvard.i2b2.crc and as stated earlier this directory resides in YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR. During this installation of the CRC cell we will be editing a number of files that reside within the CRC directory. These files and their location are outlined below:

Main CRC Directory: YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR\i2b2\edu.harvard.i2b2.crc\

File Name


Contains properties needed during the building of the CRC Cell.

Directory for CRC and CRCLoader Properties: YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR\i2b2\edu.harvard.i2b2.crc\etc\spring\

File Name


Define the location for your application properties.

Define the properties for the PM and FR cells for the CRCLoader.


Define several properties for database sources and lookup table for the CRCLoader.

Define the properties for the CRC cell, CRC service account, and various parameters that are used by the CRC when running queries on the server.

Directory for Data Source Configuration: YOUR_I2B2_SRC_DIR\i2b2\edu.harvard.i2b2.crc\etc\jboss\

File Name



Configure the JBoss Data source for the CRC cell.