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  • Validate the user by calling the Project Management cell.
  • Select a data mart based on the combination of domain_id, project_id, and user_id.
  • Call the Ontology cell with the item key and determine the dimension table to join with the fact table.
  • Save the query panel definition and the generated SQL statements.
  • Generate the list of output like the patient count, patient gender count, patient set, etc.
  • To scale the application and to support long running SQL, the execution of SQL is handled inside a set of queues. At first the query SQL statements will be executed inside a small job queue. If it doesn't complete within a certain time period then the jobs will be transferred to a mid-size job queue and then to a large size job queue.
  • If the SQL execution completes before the "result_waittime_ms" which is specified in the request, then the query results are passed in the response message. Otherwise the status of the query is passed in the response message.

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