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The Decomposition style presents the functionality in terms of manageable work pieces. They can be further decomposed to present higher level of details. The decomposition view identifies modules and breaks them down into sub-modules and so on, until a desired level of granularity is achieved. The "Uses" style shows the relationships between modules and sub-modules. This view is very helpful for implementation, integration and testing the system.

Primary Presentation




Setfinder Manager


PDO Manager

Element Catalog

Elements and their properties

Element Name



Setfinder Manager


This subsystem manages user's Setfinder queries. Keeps track of query information like the query definition, its SQL, owner of the query, etc. Also the results of the query like the patient set, visit set, etc are stored.

PDO Manager


This manages both plain and table Patient Data object queries.

Relations and their Properties

The subsystem elements form the is-part of the relation with the overall CRC system.

Context Diagram

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