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The update_concept_totalnum message is used to populate the patient's total count information (totalnum) in the metadata table. This service is used to synchronize the TOTALNUM value in the metadata table, if there is updates to just the datamart tables. Syncing the TOTALNUM column helps in the query performance and also it is displayed in the Ontology's navigation view.

Update the TOTALNUM in the Metadata Table

To update the patient total count, the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. The client specifies a request to start the update patient count process.
  2. The ontology server returns the status of the patient count process

update_concept_totalnum Request Message

This message accepts the operation type parameter.
<update_concept_totalnum operation_type = "restart_only | synchronize_all">




This option is used to refresh the concepts TOTAL_NUM information. This will clear the TOTAL_NUM column of the metadata table by setting NULL value before updating it.


This option will update the concepts TOTAL_NUM information, whose TOTAL_NUM value is NULL.

update_concept_totalnum Response Message

A status type of DONE or ERROR is specified in the response header. The <message_body> provides the information about the state of the process.
<process_step_cd>PROCESSED 10/95900</process_step_cd>

The process_status_cd provides information about the status of the step identified at the process_step_cd.




Indicates that an error occurred


Indicates that the process is in progress


Indicates that the process has competed


Indicates that the process should set itself to KILLED status because the user started another instance of this process.


Indicates that the process was killed because the user started another instance of this process.