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The get_schemes message provides information about existing coding systems, called schemes. It returns a list of all the source systems.
This use case provides information about schemes to the client, who might want a list of all the source systems that contribute vocabulary.

A get_schemes message returns a list of schemes that will be displayed in the Ontology Find Terms tool. User information is provided in the message_header.

Generate Scheme Categories for a given User / Project

To populate the list of schemes available to a user the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. A client requests a list of schemes for a given user or project (type=default).
  2. The ONT server performs the following steps:
    1. Get the project / role available for the user from the PM Cell; this also serves to validate the user.
    2. Query the table of schemes and pass back a list of schemes associated with the project / role.

  1. The client populates the scheme categories in the Find Terms tool.

get_schemes Request Message

<get_schemes type="default"/>

Possible "type" Settings




Return key / name pairs

get_schemes Response Message

The get_schemes request has the following settings:

Response Message: