IDRT - Integrated Data Repository Toolkit
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This chapter provides some information about i2b2 and the IDRT tools in general.

IDRT Platform Architecture 

An overview on how the different parts of the IDRT interact with each other and the i2b2 platform.

Modifier Support in IDRT

How the i2b2 modifier ability is used by the IDRT for allowing secondary entities in a regular i2b2 installation.

Best Practices for Performance Optimization

When working with large datasets - a scenario not unusual if your i2b2 instance matures - certain tricks will make loading data and calculating queries faster.

Best Practices for Ontology Construction

The i2b2 ontology is primarily used for navigation, but often there is more than one way to represent your domain of knowledge. We will give a short introduction to the i2b2 database schema and provide some lessons learned for populating the ontology.

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