The IDRT Import and Mapping Tool (IMT) serves two purposes:

  1. Importing data from various source formats into i2b2
  2. Create and maintain a sophisticated i2b2 ontology for navigation and querying

The IMT is Java client application. It is expected to run locally and requires a network connection to the i2b2 database.

We describe the general architecture in detail, but you first may want to download und install the application. In case you find a bug, want to request additonal features or are willing to contribute own code, please send a request.

Importing datasets

The IMT provides extractors for importing data from certain generic formats like character-separated files (CSV), database scripts (SQL), or XML-files in CDISC ODM.

Additionally, a number of special dataset specifications can be imported, too:

Editing the i2b2 ontology

The IMT furthermore provides a means to rearrange the i2b2 ontology by creating, renaming, moving and mapping source concepts as well as folders with the help of a graphical user interface.



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