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CRC Properties Configuration


Beginning in 1.7.12, the CRC properties are in the database! See this link.

Prio to 1.7.17 versions,  multifact table property  is A new property, the queryprocessor.multifacttable property, has been added to the file. When this property is set to true the CRC will now look for multiple fact tables. By default, this property is set to false. If you are going to be using multiple fact tables you will need to update this property to be true.

Property: queryprocessor.multifacttable

falseThe CRC will continue to work as it does in the classic i2b2. Only one fact table (observation_fact) will be queried ("single" mode)
trueThe CRC will work in both modes; single or multiple fact tables.

Update file

1. Open the file and scroll to the section called Derived/Multi fact table parameter.

2. Edit the queryprocessor.multifacttable property to tell the CRC to query multiple fact tables.

Multi-fact table parameter

# Derived/Multi fact table parameter



3. Save your changes and close the file.

info Note

If the above parameter does not exist in the file, then you have to add it so the CRC can query more than one fact table.

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