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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I log in?

mi2b2 is a cell of the i2b2 platform, and uses the same log in screen of i2b2. You are required to select a target location (1), enter a user name (2), and password (3). The URL for a given target location is shown in 4, and you should use the URL make sure it is the correct target location.

You should use your i2b2 user name and password to log in. If you do not have them, please contact your i2b2 system administrators for log in credentials.

2. Why does the log in screen tell me my target location does not match a domain?

If you see the message, it means that the target location in your i2b2 configuration file does not match the domain name listed on the i2b2 server. You cannot change the domain name on the server, but you can change your local configuration file: i2b2workbench.properties.

This is the i2b2workbench.properties file (below). The last two lines show the target location configuration. In particular, the bolded "i2b2Demo" is what users need to have instead of wrongDemo in the example image.


The format of the configuration line is

I2b2.{number}={target location name}, REST, {target location URL}

where {number} indicates the position this line is in the Target location drop down box in the log in screen. {number} need not to be consecutive. {target location name} is the name i2b2 uses to match the correct domain name in the i2b2 server. and {target location URL} is the actual URL.

You can have multiple configuration lines in i2b2workbench.properties. Comment out a configuration line by using '#' at the beginning of the line.

3. Where do I find the (i2b2workbench.properties) file?

In Windows

i2b2workbench.properties is next to the i2b2 executable. You can edit it using Notepad.

In Mac OS X

First, show the content of the i2b2workbench.app (or i2b2workbench if you did not show the
extensions) to reveal the Contents directory

Then open the MacOS directory to reveal i2b2workbench.properties. You can edit it using TextEdit

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