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Session Summary

The use of i2b2 for determining feasibility of clinical studies and clinical trials, focusing on the use of i2b2 in networks across the country, and novel approaches to allowing investigators to perform feasibility studies using i2b2-based client tools.


Presenters (4)


Jack London, PhD

Research Professor Cancer Biology

Thomas Jefferson University

Director, Informatics Shared Resource

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center





Douglas MacFadden

Chief Informatics Officer

Harvard Catalyst





Kavi Wagholikar, PhD

Assistant in Computer Science

Massachusetts General Hospital


Harvard Medical School





Nich Wattanasin, MS

Corporate Team Lead

Partners HealthCare




Presentations (4)


Presentation 1: SHRINE Update

Presenter(s): Doug MacFadden


    • Brief overview of SHRINE
    • New SHRINE Data Steward Application
    • New SHRINE Dashboard
    • Graphing and Reporting
    • Future Plans





Presentation 2: Feasibility Studies Using SHRINE and i2b2

Presenter(s): Nich Wattanasin


New features added to SHRINE and i2b2 Web Clients to help improve the workflow of identifying and extracting patient sets for clinical studies or trials.


New SHRINE Features:

      • Zoom Query Status
      • Graph Results
      • Print Query Report
      • Download Results
      • Flagging Query


New i2b2 Features:

      • Extract Patient Sets from SHRINE
      • Patient Set Downloader
      • Manage Data Files
      • CSV Data File





Presentation 3: Using i2b2 Data to Determine Clinical Trial Feasibility in the TriNetX Network

Presenter(s): Jack London

    • Overview of cancer clinical trial accrual problem
    • TriNetX Clinical Research Network and Jefferson University's participation




Presentation 4: SMART on FHIR on i2b2

Presenter(s): Kavi Wagholikar


    • New FHIR Cell
    • i2b2-quickstart
    • Standardizing docker containers




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