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Upgrade to Release 1.7.12 from 1.7.09c

Version Information

Current Version:1.7.12a
Release Date:May, 2020
License:Mozilla 2 Open Source License


Descriptioni2b2 Released VersionMinimum Version RequiredDownload LinkRequirements
Files to upgrade the i2b2 server to 1.7.12a1.7.12a1.7.09cSee Technical Details section on the i2b2 Upgrades page.


Release 1.7.12 contains changes to the i2b2 core Server, database and Web Client.

  • The upgrade process is now made easier using  a pre-built war file and the  properties files are now stored in the database.
  • The prebuilt-war file has  all the  core, web and database files  packaged together and available as single download zip file.    

Note: If you are running your application on JBoss, please upgrade to Wildfly before proceeding with the upgrade.

Upgrade Instructions

Below are Step-by-Step Instructions after you have  upgraded to Wildfly.

Example Paths to i2b2.war

WildFly 10 path

Step-by-Step Instructions for WildFly

In the following instructions the variable { version } refers to your version of Wildfly installed.  We have tested with Wildfly 10, 14, and 17.

Stop WildFly

Linux Example
$ /opt/wildfly-{version}.Final/bin/ --connect command=:shutdown

Backup your existing i2b2.war directory


On Linux, move the /opt/wildfly-{version}.Final/standalone/deployments/ and save it to a different location outside of /opt/wildfly-{version}.Final/ 


On Windows, move the c:\opt\wildfly-{version}.Final\standalone\deployments\ and save it to a different location outside of c:\opt\wildfly-{version}.Final

Extract the download file to a folder outside of wildfly folder.

Copy all the files from the download war file deployment into your existing WildFly standalone directory.

Upgrade Database

Run the following upgrade scripts on your i2b2 database instance, where {db} can be Oracle, sqlserver or postgresql

In data folder













Run the ant scripts for Metadata and Crcdata for releases 1.7.09C to 1.7.12.

If you are upgrading from 1.7.12 to 1.7.12a, run the  ant script for  Crcdata. 

Update the datasource (*-ds.xml) files in your  deployment directory

Copy *-ds.xml files from the backup folder to wildfly-1#.0.1.Final/standalone/deployments

Edit the following files crc-ds.xml, ont-ds.xml, pm-ds.xml, work-ds.xml
and replace ALL the <driver>{something}.jar</driver> with


SQL Server





Migrate cell properties to 1.7.12, if needed. In 1.7.12, cell properties have been moved to the database, in a table called hive_cell_params. If any cell properties were previously changed, they will need to be manually updated in the database. After this, the properties files can be deleted to prevent confusion.

More documentation on setting cell properties is available at this page. Most commonly, the AGG_SERVICE_ACCOUNT password will need to be updated. Generally, the cell URLs do not need to be configured anymore, as the hostname and port is now auto-detected.


Properties files are stored at /opt/wildfly-{version}.Final/standalone/configuration/ on Linux and c:\opt\wildfly-{version}.Final\standalone\configuration\ on Windows. The table can be edited with a SQL editor in hive_cell_params.

Backup your existing i2b2_config_data.js from your web server

On your webclient backup your existing i2b2_config_data.js to a folder outside of your web server.

Linux Example

On Linux, move the folder /var/www/html/webclient/ and save it to a different location outside of /var/wwww/html/webclient


On Windows, move the folder c:\inetpub\webclient and save it to a different location outside of c:\inetpub\webclient

Install the new webclient on your web server


On Linux, extract the to the folder /var/www/html/webclient/ and copy the backup i2b2_config_data.js  to /var/wwww/html/webclient


On Windows, extract the c:\inetpub\webclient and copy the backup i2b2_config_data.js  to c:\inetpub\webclient

Start WildFly

Linux Example
$ /opt/wildfly-{version}.Final/bin/ -b &

Verify your upgrade

Test Web Client

Navigate to your local i2b2 Web Client in your preferred browser and verify you are able to log on and perform standard i2b2 functions. (e.g. Run queries, retrieve previous queries, view breakdowns, etc.)

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